Blades - Zip

Individual blades provide a simple aesthetic alternative to systems screens. If you don't need to link screens together or hang anything from them, blades could be just the thing for you. Blades are perfect for touchdown areas or hot desking where functionality of the screen is less important.


Change the aesthetic of your workstation in an instant, with this unframed 30mm screen with a removable fabric cover. Blade screens provide an aesthetic alternative to systems screens. They are fantastic for creating something unique and personal to an individual or corporate brand.

Zip Specification

  • 30mm profile
  • 50mm radius to the top two corners
  • 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm and 2000mm wide
  • Height 360mm or 400mm
  • Alternate dimensions are available upon request
  • Made from 19mm core bonded with 5mm foam to both sides
  • Internal membrane allows you to apply most fabrics to this screen
  • Choose from 6 zip colours: white, black, orange, lime, red and blue
  • Choose from Camira Blazer fabrics, as standard