Icon is the official Trading Partner of ABV

We are delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with acoustic specialists ABV.

Based in Belgium, ABV is a manufacturer of high-end acoustic partitioning solutions. With over 30 years’ experience they are experts in acoustic engineering and produce some of the best performing acoustic products in Europe. They also pride themselves in designing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly solutions and forward-thinking ideas for the future.

ABV’s collections are based on in-depth research of ergonomics and acoustics. Their products deliver unparalleled acoustic performance whilst also being beautifully designed and fantastically well-made. ABV are true pioneers in the acoustic arena and this focus is reflected in their brand motto of ‘we design silence’.

At Icon, we know a thing or two about screens and when we met ABV, we quickly recognised them as kindred spirits. We share a likeminded ethos and the same commitment to quality and innovation. This has led to an exciting partnership and it is with pleasure we can confirm that we are now the official Trading Partners of ABV, exclusively bringing their acoustic innovations to the UK market for the very first time under the umbrella of "Icon: We Design Silence".

The ABV collections fit neatly into in our existing portfolio and briefly include:

Mood is ABV’s lounge collection, the only soft seating collection that has been tested and certified Class A acoustic. Designed from simple, timeless shapes, substantial thickness and strong lines, it suits a variety of uses from boardrooms to waiting areas. The collection comprises a number of clever acoustic products that can be easily installed and complement each other perfectly:

  • Mood Lounge: Stylish, chunky and comfortably modular seating to create welcoming and comfortable spaces, while also providing controlled and high quality acoustics.
  • Mood Screen: An adaptation of the Mood Lounge modules, these highly configurable units provide a practical and comfortable seating area, with additional visual and acoustic separation.
  • Mood Slice: Compatible with the rest of the Mood collection, these curved seating modules can be used to create isolated pockets of calm for meetings or private workspaces.
  • Mood Wall: A complete system of highly-acoustic modular fabric partitions designed with the same thickness and strong graphic presence as the rest of the collection.
  • Mood Tube: Visually-striking circular workbooth that can be used either as a single focal point, or as a group, to create a highly appealing acoustic space to enjoy in a multitude of ways.

Surfaces is ABV’s acoustic panel collection: a variety of versatile and familiar shapes that can be hung, wall-mounted or freestanding. The panels are readily combined to create fantastic aesthetics whilst simultaneously providing acoustic protection for any space.

  • Fold: Angled hanging acoustic screens that comes in a variety of colours and fabrics.
  • Paving: A series of acoustic wall panels in three different sizes, that each fit together to create a visually interesting ‘paving’ effect.
  • Plank: 40mm thick, linear, wall mounted acoustic panels that can be used vertically or horizontally.
  • Signs Ceiling: Suspended acoustic panels that can also be used for wayfinding and signage.
  • Signs Wall: Arrow shaped wall-panels that also double up as a signposting tool.
  • Slice: Circular suspended acoustic screen, fabric-covered to complement any design scheme.
  • Sky: Dreamy cloud-shaped acoustic hanging panels.

Stand-Alone is a collection of clever and efficient freestanding items.

  • Deskmate: A wrap-around screen that can be installed in seconds to effortlessly hide cables, create convenient storage and provide useful sound insulation.
  • Cabanes: An environmentally-friendly screen that comes as a flat pack and unfolds easily to create telephone booths or screens to isolate noisy devices.
  • Albero: A lightweight and recyclable leaf-shaped screen to create simple "hedges" for visual separation.
  • K-Bench & K-Baby:  These Japanese-inspired flexible honeycomb structures can create different formations to suit a number of uses.

To learn more about ABV why not visit their website or get in touch with us to talk about including these remarkable new products in your next project.