We Design Silence

We Design Silence is a collection of ergonomically engineered and beautifully designed acoustic products. Designed and manufactured by our expert partners in Belgium, ABV, we offer exclusive access to these pioneering products, bringing them to the UK and US markets for the first time. The collections combine incredible acoustic performance and breathtaking aesthetics to suit a range of different environments.

Mood Collection

This stylish, chunky and comfortably modular seating collection creates welcoming and comfortable spaces, while also providing controlled and high quality acoustics. Mood is the only soft seating collection that has been tested and certified Class A acoustic.
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Surfaces Collection

Designed by Alain Berteau and Julien Renault, the Surfaces collection is a series of simple, versatile and familiar shapes that can be combined in countless ways to create acoustic balanced landscapes. Whether you opt for the hanging, wall-mounted or freestanding elements, they can work alone - or together - giving you the freedom to create fantastic aesthetics with ease.
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Stand-Alone Collection

The Stand-Alone Collection is a series of light, affordable and eco-friendly innovations. Designed to be easily installed, they instantly improve existing workspaces and facilities. Innovative and practical, they are the answer to a number of acoustic and aesthetic issues many designers will face when looking at the office environment.
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For more details about specifying We Design Silence products in your next project, please contact us to discuss your requirements.